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ZZZ 13335.038 ENGINE VALVE GUIDE GUIDES DAIHATSU DELTA DL 2.8L 1984- VG4802 OD 14.035mm x ID 9mm x length 62mm 11122-87303
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Make Engine Model
Daihatsu DG Delta DV series
    Delta SV series
    Delta V series
    Rocky F series
  DL Delta V series
    Rocky F series
  DL Turbo Rocky F series

In most types of reciprocating engines, a valve guide is provided for each poppet valve in the cylinder head. Along with the valve spring, it serves to positively locate the valve so that it may make proper contact with the valve seat. A valve guide is a tube-shaped piece of metal, pressed into the cylinder head, with the valve reciprocating inside it. Guides serve also to conduct heat from the combustion process out from the exhaust valve and into the cylinder head where it may be taken up by the cooling system. Bronze is commonly used, as is steel; a balance between stiffness and wear on the valve is essential to achieve a useful service life.